Application Note

Secondary Structure Determination using Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy in the Presence of DMSO 

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Application Note

This Application Note Includes:

  • lysozyme was dissolved in a buffer containing 0, 5, and 10% DMSO
  • MMS generates an output that is 100 times brighter than traditional FTIR light sources  by utilizing the ASQS3pro's Quantum Casade Laser as the IR light source
  • MMS can successfully be used for secondary structure determination in the presence of DMSO 
  • MMS results in a much greater signal-to-noise ratio and high sensitivity for accurate measurement of proteins ranging from 0.1 to over 200 mg/mL

Secondary Structure Determination In The Presence Of DMSO

Characterizing biologic drug products is crucial in drug development and the presence of organic solvents and optically active excipients typically hinders traditional characterization techniques. RedshiftBio has developed the AQS3pro, a novel characterization system powered by Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy (MMS) as a solution to overcoming these obstacles. MMS combines Infrared (IR) spectroscopy with automatic sample handling and a micro-flow cell for accurate measurements with no buffer interference. The system uses rapid modulation between a sample and its reference buffer to generate a differential spectrum for the most accurate buffer subtraction.  This app note demonstrates that MMS can be used as an alternative to traditional secondary structure determination tools, when organic solvents and optically active excipients are present.

Change How You See Biomolecules

Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy provides a powerful alternative, producing consistently reproducible data that goes beyond that supplied by current techniques. The high-performance fully automated AQS3pro system and AQS3delta analytics package allow scientists to quickly and easily run samples, process data and gain insight.


Next generation in protein structure determination.

The AQS³pro powered by Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy is the next generation infrared based spectroscopy platform for protein structure determination. It represents a novel tool that will strengthen you bioanalytical tool kit and provide critical insights into protein based drug development.
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